Pioneer of IP Innovation

It ultimately demonstrates PLANET's forward momentum and excellence in delivering the most innovative IP-based products and solutions with converged data, voice and video over the company networks in the global marketplace. It's an evidence of Planets growth, embodying our overall position as an IP technology pioneer, as well as signaling our continued commitment to innovation, quality, reliability, and efficiency. It's a direct expression to tell who we are and what we do. It shows our global brand position and technology focus and that PLANET is devoted, committed, and progressive.


Activating IP Power
Its our unique promise to ensure that everyone enjoys convenient IP life and instantly establishes IP office by using PLANETs products. Thus, the new slogan Activating IP Power is created. All our technologies and product mix will be driven and delivered based around the Activating IP Power in order to help our customers build up their IP Office so that they enjoy the benefits of IP life characterized as energy-saving, ease-to-install, and cost effective.