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Long Reach PoE Networking

PLANET Long Reach PoE Solution consists of LRP Switches, LRP Injectors and LRP Extenders which allow your IP network infrastructure to be deployed flexibly anywhere at long range...

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Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure

PLANET Industrial Ethernet Solution is highly-reliable and secure to ensure continuous operation in harsh environments such as factories, outdoors, and places at extreme temperatures...

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Maximizing Work Efficiency with PLANET Universal Network Management System Power Network

PLANET, a leading brand for PoE networking, is offering you its latest comprehensive Ultra PLANET Universal Network Management System (UNI-NMS) is one software platform that integrates various management protocols including SNMP, ONVIF and PLANET Smart Discovery Utility. With PLANET feature-rich UNI-NMS, the administrator can centrally manage the network with ease with its Dashboard, Topology, Map View functions and more.

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