Today, PLANET marks 20 Year Anniversary.

PLANET has built upon trust and commitment in establishing our brand and serving our clients. It is now a well-recognized global brand in networking and communication industry.
The First Decade
- A Solid Foundation For the Next, For the Future

All start-ups must meet and conquer different challenges; this is what PLANET has gone through. We brought our brand first to Europe and gradually established markets and formed business partnership around the world. We started with basic LAN and then expanded into WAN and Wireless LAN products and solutions. PLANET became a leading brand by committing to innovation and quality. The company was listed as a public company as a result.
The Second Decade
- Driving for Innovation, Realizing Superiority

There has been tremendous change in the networking and communication industry in recent years. Low cost competition from China as well as rapid technology changes posed great challenges. PLANET quickly adjusted our market strategy and product mix, allowing us to sustain and enhance our competitiveness. We are proud that we have an established market position and recognized brand devoted to delivering the world valuable IP Network solutions.
A Global Corporate Citizen
PLANET placed priority over corporate governance, environmental protection, employee welfare and social responsibility. We have been recognized with honors and awards in corporate social responsibility. Specifically, PLANET was ranked first in both “Excellence in CSR Award” and “CSR Award” in Taiwan.
Flying, into the Next Two Decades
- A Role Model For a New Set of Corporate Values

With an even broader view and a more innovative thinking, we will march into the next 20 years. We look forward to continue building a company that is committed to bring the best to both our customers and employees and to contributing back to our society.

We appreciate all of our worldwide partners’ support throughout all these years. We look forward to our continuous partnerships in the future and let us keep working together for a better future.