Corporate Citizenship

Since its founding time in 1993, PLANET has always been devoted to business growth by product innovation and global branding as well as continued its effort in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is integrated as part of the core business strategy of PLANET. In pace with new issues and trends globally and needs in the communities where PLANET does business, PALNET gradually uplifts the practice of CSR incorporating economic responsibility, environmental responsibility and social responsibility. On a strategic, long-term approach to implement CSR, PLANET strives to achieve sustainable development and keeps aligning their values and behavior with the expectations and needs of employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, communities, regulators, special interest groups and society as a whole.

Our mission of corporate social responsibility:
Implementing sound corporate governance
Ensures the adherence of code of business ethics, the independence of the Board, transparent disclosure of financial information, protection of shareholders' interests, labor rights and fair competition
Achieving highest level of corporate commitment
Commitment to customers and suppliers, employees training and care, and R&D innovations
Striving for environmental sustainability
Promotes recycling, energy saving and carbon reduction, green product development and manufacturing
Contributing in social activities to create long-term benefits
Applies the standards of business practice to social participation, aiming at create positive impacts on the society in the long run

Therefore, our corporate commitments are:
Maintains strong corporate governance and adhere to the law and business ethics
Provides employees a healthy and safe working place
Protects employees working interests, and supports to fully develop their talents and capabilities
Invests on eco-friendly product research and development, actively involves in environmental protection and energy saving education
Creates a win-win partnership with customers and suppliers
Provides transparent disclosure of financial information
Creates value and enhances shareholders’ interests
Fulfills our role as a global corporate citizen and contributes to the community

PLANET upholds the spirit of corporate social responsibility and fully integrates CSR in all aspect of the way it does business. By the implementation of CSR policies and missions, PLANET makes CSR part of its corporate “DNA” and solidify its corporate culture which is characterized by integrity and commitment to highest quality and environmental protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
The PALNET Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is responsible to lead CSR guideline and development in the company. It operates under the Board to formulate long-term goals and execute the different initiatives. It also assists the Board to oversee the implementation and measure the company’s CSR effectiveness.

PLANET issues yearly Corporate Social Responsibility Report* since 2011 to illustrate its practices and achievements on corporate governance, corporate commitment, environmental protection and social participation as well as its goal of sustainable development.
* Currently, the CSR report is issued in Chinese version only.