Green Network

Along with the IP product innovations, PLANET has been striving to provide energy-saving and green design networking and communication equipments to the users worldwide. PLANET innovative solution on Green Networking includes zero-carbon solar power products, Power over Ethernet products, and less power consumed adapter / equipments.

Green Solar Power Solution

Catering to the needs of network deployment in remote areas, PLANET incorporates the Zero-Carbon emission source - the free sun light, and the high power PoE technology to ultimately extend the stable networking communications even in Industrial grade harsh environments like mountain and forest without any obstacles of geographical barrier. PLANET Industrial Solar Power PoE Switch provides hassle-free and maintenance-free solution for networks in need of fast connectivity, great flexibility and reliability, such as remote monitoring and long distance wireless communication.

Green Power over Ethernet Solution

PLANET provides complete PoE Solutions covering both commercial and industrial grades, which is the unique brand offering global customers a total solution of flexible networking. All the PoE compliant device from the PSE to PD devices can be fulfilled here.

Green cabling deployment
The PLANET PoE Solution supports IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at PoE to easily expand surveillance or wireless network over existing network structure without extra wires deployment. There is no need of installing additional power cable and thus saves tremendous cabling and power adapter cost and also the bad DC adapter conversion efficiency.
Saving more and more, the tradition Switch system consuming the energy at full power no mater the wiring is short or at long distance. The new PLANET network device utilizing the cable detects capability and automatically detects the cable length and the energy while transmitting. As a result, the whole system will save at least 40% power while using the short cable in the network.

Green Intelligent System
PLANET smart PoE management functions such as auto Temperature Detection to protect the the whole network system and client device from damage or network downtime due to over heated, over-loaded and un-regulated power system, PoE Power Detection for the working efficiency of IT manager, and auto-detecting of connected devices for efficient network management. Besides increasing the working efficiency, those intelligent functions can extend PLANET product lifecycle more than the same product without intelligent function in market.

Saving the energy, the “PoE schedule” function enables the network administrator to activate or inactivate PoE power feeding for each PoE port automatically during specified time intervals, which is a powerful function to help SMB or Enterprise save power and money.