Most Complete Power over Ethernet (PoE) Solution for Commercial and Industrial Network

As a pioneer in networking equipment innovation, PLANET provides full range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) product lines from Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), including Layer 2+ Managed PoE Switches, PoE injector hubs, and PoE injectors, PoE extenders, PoE splitters, to PoE powered devices (PD) such as PoE compliant Outdoor Wireless Access Points (APs), PoE compliant Indoor Wireless Access Points (APs), IP cameras and IP Phones covering both commercial and Industrial grade applications. Compliant with IEEE 802.3af/at/bt PoE standard, PLANET’s PoE products offer PoE power output from 15.4 watts, 30 watts, 60 watts to as high as 95 watts. By years of experience, PLANET continually develops PoE Solution to support efficient and flexible network deployment in every sector.

Enhanced Power Budget

For different applications required in different enterprises and client users, PLANET offers PoE Switches from Full Managed PoE switches, Web-Smart switches, Industrial PoE switch, to standard PoE Switches that feature up to 48-port PoE choices to fulfill the varied needs of customers. With the Ethernet switching, PoE and full power supply system are integrated in one box design, PLANET PoE Switches provide full power budget to satisfy the increasing needs for power consumption of PoE PDs, such as Outdoor Wireless Access Points (APs), Indoor Wireless Access Points (APs) and IP cameras. The IP-based, remote Web management interfaces also provide an effective central power management solution to monitor and control per port power feeding of deployed PDs.

Intuitive PoE Management via Touch LCD

PLANET has developed the world’s first PoE Managed Switch series with intuitive color touch LCD interface to allow the network management in real time without logging in to the computer, greatly enhancing the management efficiency. The network system, PoE PDs, and even the cable diagnostics can be easily managed through this cutting-edge user-friendly touch LCD panel built in the PoE Switches. Moreover, the Color Touch LCD PoE Switch supplies 10G data transmission capability, high power PoE from IEEE 802.3af/at 30-watt to 60~95-watt ultra power, intelligent PoE functions, and unique ONVIF support to promote the network performance for SMEs, enterprises, public places and industrial hardened environments.